Health and Safety For Fishermen

improving safety and wellbeing for fishermen and their families

Fishing can be a dangerous profession but by taking appropriate precautions and following safe work practices, fishermen can protect themselves from the hazards of their profession and ensure that they return home safely. 

Alongside the basic safety training courses required for New Fishermen, we offer workshops  and safety training for vessel owners and fishermen as part of The Fishing Safety Project.  We can also help you with applications for Vessel Safety Improvement Grants.  Our website includes links to important Safety Guides and Bulletins (MGNs) and to organisations who help fishermen and their families with their Health and Wellbeing. 

If you have a safety issue, or a question please do get in touch

Clive - Safety Adviser to Seafood Cornwall Training
Clive Palfrey - Seafood Cornwall Training's Safety Adviser

The Fishing Safety Project

Aiming to change the culture towards safety procedures on board fishing vessels.

Seafood Cornwall Training delivers a Fishing Safety Project which offers training to all individual fishermen and vessel owners in the South West of England to improve their safety knowledge and procedures. 

We can work with you to set up bespoke training and workshop sessions for your individual vessel crew and to create your safety management systems.  We also run workshops for fishermen’s associations, fishing families, and at your port. 

Seafood Cornwall Training runs this project on behalf of Cornish Fish Producers Organisation, but it is also open to non-members.  The service is free to fishermen in South West England and to vessel owners on under 15m Registered fishing vessels.  It is funded by our partners at Trinity House Maritime Charity, the Seafarers Charity, Seafish Industry Authority and the FaSS grant scheme run by MMO on behalf of Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The Fishing Safety Project and quayside workshops are run by Clive Palfrey, Seafood Cornwall Training’s Safety Adviser.  To find out more or get involved, call the office or send  Clive an email:

Fishing Safety Project Funding Partners