i-VMS Deadline April 2023

i-VMS Units become mandatory in April

If you don’t yet have a unit installed and need help funding the device, you can become a member of Commsave who could loan funds to pay for the device. To set up an account, use the link below:


or call Commsave 0303 0402 660

You will require a minimum saving of £2 per week or £10 per month.

The Fishing Animateurs can help you to claim the I-VMS grant of up to £650.

They will need a few items from you. You can only claim the grant once you have had it installed and paid for. You need to collect together the following documents-

  • Invoice for the device and installation.
  • Your bank statement showing the transaction – this must show either your name or other identifiable information.
  • Device serial number (or take a photo of the numbers on the device)
  • Device manufacturer name.
  • Proof of ID if a sole trader – driving licence, passport or a utility bill.

If you have any queries please call Fishing Animateurs on 01736 362782 or email info@fishinganimateur.co.uk

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