Introduction to Commercial Fishing

An Intensive 3 Week Course for New Fishermen


15 Days


Grant Funded

The Seafish three-week Introduction to Commercial Fishing course is for new entrants to the fishing industry. The course consists of two weeks of shore-based training (covering health and wellbeing, safety, gear and catch handling, net mending, rope work and navigation, finances and tax) and one week of mandatory safety courses (Sea Survival, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Health and Safety). We also cover the Seafish Basic Fishing Vessel Stability and Engineering courses.

Immediately following this course new entrants are qualified and can look for berths on commercial fishing vessels usually as a freelance share fisherman.

This induction course will suit both youngsters looking for a career at sea in the fishing industry and older candidates who are looking for a career change and interested in commercial fishing as an occupation.

Cost: A Seafish Training Grant is available to eligible candidates who are at least 16 years old and have no previous fishing experience. You can call us to discuss this and make an application or click here to Download the Application Form.   

We usually run this course once a year in July.  

If you wish to start a career at sea commercial fishing in the meantime, you will need to complete the four mandatory basic safety courses first – links are at the bottom of this page.

Course Aim

The aim of this three-week course is to provide new entrants with the basic knowledge and skills to begin working at sea in a safe and useful manner.

More specifically the course objectives are:

  • To reduce accidents amongst new entrants and better prepare them for work at sea.
  • To give a better understanding of operational practices in every day fishing operations, including mechanical handling (such as winches), to create a safer workplace.
  • To equip new entrants with the basic skills needed to enable them to positively contribute to the daily work routines and tasks associated with working as part of a team on the deck of a fishing vessel.

Course Content

This course is a collection of short courses and comprises of the units listed below:

  • On Board Procedures
  • Introduction to Ropes, Knots and Fishing Gear
  • Net Mending and Gear Construction
  • Watch Keeping and Navigation
  • Basic Engineering
  • Boat Handling
  • Care of the Catch
  • Basic Sea Survival/STCW
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Basic Health & Safety
  • Basic First Aid/STCW
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Basic Fishing Vessel Stability

For more information, to attend the taster session or apply for a place on the course:

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Our Trainers

Seafood Cornwall Training is committed to providing everyone who learns with us with the highest standards of training.

All our trainers have plenty of experience in the areas they are teaching and have kept their expertise up to date. Whether that is because they have been in the fishing industry for many years as a Skipper, or are working regularly as a Paramedic or Firefighter, they will make sure your course is enjoyable, practical and gives you the confidence you need to progress your career as a fisherman.

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